Eric Shapiro
Indoor Air Quality Consultant


"Cristina is a true professional, detailed oriented, always ready to go the extra mile for her clients. 
Expert in commercial lease, buying and selling residential real estate and property management. 
I will recommend her always knowing the job will get done.August 28, 2013, Esther reported to Cristina at CBA Realty & Management Corp."

"I have had the opportunity to work with Cristina at various levels over the past seven years and have found her to be extremely professional, detailed oriented as well. If you wish to hear more information about her, feel free to contact me!"

June 30, 2011, Nelson worked directly with Cristina at CBA Realty & Management Corp

"Cristina always produces the results which her clients are looking for. She has an open ear and makes sure she understands the client's objective then she works incessantly to accomplish our goals. She has an excellent network of contacts and can develop partnerships or provide referrals on particular projects where necessary. I would trust her with my house, my bank account, even my children! Her word is her bond and you can always expect Cristina to speak the truth to you. I will gladly hire her again in the future and I have fervently recommended her to friends and colleagues."

December 21, 2009, Chantal was Cristina's client

"Purchasing agent / SCM | Negotiatior | Communication and Interpersonal skills | Purchase Orders | Buyer."

March 11, 2013, Gabriela was Cristina's client.

Larry Gould
President & CEO at Lawrence A. Gould, P.A.

"Christina has provided me and my company with expert and insightful consultation regarding commercial real estate, and property management issues. She is my go to person in South Florida. There is no reason to go to anyone else."

December 21, 2009, Eric was Cristina's client

Pete White

Commercial Manager - Developments, Cobalt International Energy

"Cristina consistently works hard and perserveres until the desired results are achieved... I highly recommend her."

December 22, 2009, Michael was Cristina's client

Gabriela White

"Please be advise that Cristina Moinelo was the property manager for several of our properties located in Fort Lauderdale and Margate sections of Florida. Milbrook Properties is a real estate acquisition company that owns numerous residential and shopping centers in both New York and Florida areas. Ms.Moinelo served as our property manager in Florida for approximately a year. Her job responsibilities included rent collections, lease negotiations and maintenance related items at the property. She served us and our properties with extreme professionalism and dedication. She maintained an excellent relationship with both the tenants and our company as well."

Nelson Fritz
Financial Services

Chantal Wedderburn
CEO at Champion Controls

Alberto Rodriguez
Qualifier / State class "A" HVAC contractor at Air-Tech HVAC Corp

"Having worked on several projects with Cristina, I have always found her to be very knowledgeable and professional in my business relations. She has always followed thorough with with all aspects of work. She has always shown to be very interested in her clients needs and budget."

December 21, 2009, alberto was with another company when working with Cristina at CBA Realty & Management Corp

Esther Ruchelsman

Broker Associate at RE/MAX Presidential Aventura

Michael Hirschhorn
President at Jenel Management Corp.

"Cristina was a breath of fresh air for us compared to previous experiences that we have had, in the US, and elsewhere. She is extremely professional and dedicated, but personable and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Additionally we always felt that she was really great value for money, and our requests were never an inconvenience. Excellent."

October 6, 2012, Pete was Cristina's client

Angela Tullo Murphy

Vice President of Operations 

"Cristina is one of the most competent, articulate and accomplished entrepreneurs that I have ever done business with. I have known her for over 15 years. On each business opportunity that we work with, she presented excellent viable solutions, and options. I strongly recommend her."

February 23, 2010, Larry was with another company when working with Cristina at CBA Realty & Management Corp